Curry Laksa

This traditional Malaysian dish has the perfect

combination of sweet, sour and salty
elements. The best kind of noodle soup for

a rainy day – comforting, complex with just

the right amount of spice.

Churrasco Wagyu Rump

Succulent Tajimaya wagyu beef coated with

Santa Fe dry rub personally sliced by our chefs on your table. Churrasco is a Spanish or Portuguese word

that means “grilled beef” but is also used to

refer to barbecue. A cooking technique that is

famous in most part of South America wherein the

meat is usually grilled using a long skewer slowly grilled over charcoal for hours at a time to reach

the right amount of consistency. 

Kiss My Beef Cheeks

This cheeky little number is slowly braised for 24 hours

in special jus of red wine, bay leaf and baby shallots.

The most important part about cooking this dish

is the precise amount of time. High Street Café guests

are sure to enjoy this classic – simple, succulent,

tasty and perfect for any day.

Molten Lava Cake

One of Chef Anthony Collar’s special creations.

Rich chocolate cake with a center oozing with locally

sourced molten cacao. A must try for every

High Street Cafe diner!